Thursday, July 17, 2008

Will be away...

But you still will have Zak here, and new writers Redsoxfan45 (Nick, or patriotfan45 we call him on the forum) and Chris (Detroit Fan).

I just wanted to touch on the 2009 Winter Classic that was confirmed yesterday.

It will be between the defending Stanley Cup Champions Detroit Red Wings and their Original 6 rivals the Chicago Blackhawks. The game will be played on New Year's Day and televised on NBC, like last year.

Now, last year I had a problem with the timing of this. Putting it right on New Year's Day (as you know) interferes with the rest of America's college football viewing. It could even interfere with mine. But what am I saying, there no way Michigan is going to reach a game on that day.

Anyway, last year's game did get very high ratings by NHL standards. And with this year it being the most known team in the NHL, and an up and coming Blackhawks team (not to mention their both from the Original 6), I think that this game could get even higher ratings than last year's game.

As for the venue, Wrigley Field, I would rather prefer it be at Comerica Park because that's only an hour away from me, but you can't always get what you want. I think Wrigley could be a nice place to have the game. Certainly it will be cold enough in Chicago during January with Lake Michigan right there, so I don't think that will be a problem. I think that Soldier Field would be better, but there could be scheduling conflicts with the Bears (assuming they make the playoffs), and in America, the NFL > NHL.

This should be a great game to watch. Hopefully it will have the same drama as last years, only this time I'll be able to see my favorite team (and the defending Cup Champions!) in it.

If you know how to get tickets, let me know.

Blackhawks, Red Wings meet in the great outdoors []

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Redsoxfan45 said...

Nice post Nick. Should be a great game. The only way to get tickets now is to be a Blackhawks season ticket holder. No other information about tickets is avalible yet.