Saturday, July 19, 2008

Maple Bats

The MLB is looking at banning maple bats because they break often and when they break they break into huge chunks which is harmful to fans and players. Players first started using maple after Barry Bonds hit 73 Home Runs in 2001, but that's not the only reason why.

Maple bats last longer on average than ash bats, which players used to use. Ash bats last about a week then break into small splinters. Maple bats last about a month and then break into huge chunks.

The MLB did a study to see if the ball flies differently off of a maple bat than an ash bat. There is no difference, they said, except for the mentality of a hitter.

Today, I was watching the Angels-Red Sox game, and I counted 7 broken bats in the game, and on one of them, a piece of a bat prevented Mike Lowell from making a play on a routine groundball. He didn't get hit but the person who was playing shortstop did get hit by it.

I think that since there is no difference how the ball comes off Maple bats compared to Ash, and when Ash bats break they break in small pieces and Maple breaks into big pieces, then the MLB should ban Maple bats, and just make the players go back to Ash.

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Cannon Fire said...

I love the idea of returning to Ash bats. Ash trees are much more abundant than Maple trees.

Ashes to Ashes ... Bust to Bust.