Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Liriano Controversy

Francisco Liriano has gone 9-0 in his past 10 starts in the minors, so why hasn't he been called up to the Twins yet? Liriano and his agent Greg Genske, think that it's because the Twins are trying to hold him back. I believe that it's truly because they do not have a spot for him up on the pro ballclub. Livan Hernandez is 10-6, and the Twins young starters like Kevin Slowey and Scott Baker who are doing great, so why call Liriano up?

Well, if they do call him up, and he keeps pitching the way he is pitching in the minors, then that would make the Twins unstoppable, and they would almost definitely win the AL Central and could breeze through the playoffs.

If they don't call him up, then he will sit in the minors and eventually demand to be traded and he will go to another team and be dominant there, which could hurt the Twins.

Or, he could be called up and suck, and be sent down to the minors again, where he goes on another hot stretch, just to be called up and suck again.

The Twins better make a decision on what they are going to do soon, before Liriano gets restless.

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