Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Interview with the president of the FITA

I haven't started publicizing this yet, but as you all know the Beijing Olympics are coming up (8.8.08). I recently did an interview with U─čur Erdener. Mr. Erdener is the president of the International Archery Federation. Here is the contents of the interview (our questions are in bold):

What is your favorite thing about working for the International Archery Federation?
I find it particularly enjoyable to work with our professional and volunteer personnel on formulating plans for the growth and development of FITA and archery into the future. We have to establish the essential elements of our sport and work to enhance the nature of our competitions and the public's awareness of the beauty, excitement, and precision of our sport. These plans can encompass an action for next week or more likely our 5-year development plan. FITA's development plan is a serious effort to raise the public's awareness of archery, to solidify our Olympic position, and to develop the sponsorship necessary to achieve these goals and for new goals beyond our current 5-year plan.

How important are the Olympic games to the sport of archery?
In a word, VERY. The Olympics provide archery with its greatest exposure to the viewing public. This is the means by which we can reach even greater numbers of viewers and therefore also reach greater numbers of potential participants. The Olympic Games are the single largest or greatest series of sporting events in the world. For archery to be a part of this is a great honor and a great opportunity. We need to use this Olympic experience as a marketing and development tool to further the aims of FITA in the sporting world. The Olympics provide a unique experience and an opportunity unlike any other.

What are you looking forward to in this years Beijing games?
I fully expect that the archery event at Beijing this year will be our best yet. First of all, we will have a record number of nations participating in the archery competition and this is indicative of the growth and development of high quality archery around the world. This growth is very much in line with one of the primary objectives of the Olympic Movement.
Next, I am very pleased with the cooperation we have achieved between FITA and the Beijing Organizing Committee. Our own staff, especially including our two technical delegates, have worked very diligently, efficiently, and cooperatively with the members of the Organizing Committee responsible for archery. The quality of the people in the organizing committee for archery is very high and very experienced in the archery world and these factors have made our preparations run very smoothly. The Organizing Committee has constructed two very spectator-friendly stadia for archery, and these will greatly enhance the immediacy and intimacy of the spectators with the action on the field.
With all this planning, preparation, and execution of details within the overall plan for our competition, I believe that this year's Olympic archery competition in Beijing will be the best ever, drawing more media and spectator interest, and providing a springboard for future growth and development of our sport.

I'd like to thank Mr. Erdener for his time and for taking part in this interview.

Hopefully there will be some more to come leading up to the Olympics!

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Cannon Fire said...

Nice job, Mr. Barnowski.
I'll be looking forward to more in your series.
Keep up the rockin' work!