Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trade Deadline

Here we are, 55 hours away from the trading deadline and there have already been some big deals for pitchers, mostly going into the NL Central.

The Milwaukee Brewers traded some minor league prospects to get CC Sabathia. That looks like it worked out well. Sabathia already has the lead in Complete Games in the NL, with the 3 that he got in a row. He is 4-0 with a 1.82 ERA in 5 starts.

Rich Harden was acquired by the Cubs, and he still has yet to win a game with them. They have won only one of his starts and that was his first one. He is 0-1 with a microscopic ERA of 1.04 in three starts.

The Philadelphia Phillies acquired Joe Blanton from the A's, and even after only after 2 starts, this doesn't look like a good deal. Blanton is 0-0, and the Phillies have won both of his starts, but he has a 7.88 ERA and only lasted 2 innings in his last start that was shortened by rain.

Some of the big names that could be moved before the trade deadline are Mark Teixiera, Manny Ramirez, and Paul Byrd.

Teixiera was a trade dealine acquisition by the Braves last year from the Rangers. The Diamondbacks seem like the best fit for him. Conor Jackson can play Left Field if The D-Backs do acquire hm.

Manny Ramirez said that he is tired of the Red Sox, and the Red Sox are tired of him, and Manny dared the Red Sox to trade him, but a trade seems highly unlikely.

Paul Byrd is somebody that needs to be moved at the trade deadline or he could be placed on waivers in August and a team won't have to give up anything to get him.

Another rumor I have heard is that Justin Duchscherer could be moved, and the Tigers are interested in him.

A smaller name that could be moved before the dealine in Cubs lefty reliever Scott Eyre, The Rays, Red Sox, and Tigers have shown interest.


Anonymous said...

Not that I'm saying the Blanton trade was the best trade ever, but you posting that he only lasted 2 innings in his last start proves you're a damn moron... Do you think that could have possibly been due to the long ass rain delay during the bottom of the second inning? Is it common for the starting pitcher to come back out after a lengthly rain delay? Why don't you check to see when the Braves' starter called it a day? Assbag...

Chris Daniel said...

I'm sorry. I did not know that that was because of a rain delay. All i did was look at the stats and I saw 2.0 IP so I put that down.