Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Breaking News: Teixeira Traded to Angels

It was just reported on Sportscenter, that Mark Teixeira has been traded to the Angels for Casey Kotchman and a minor league player. This is a great trade, as it improves the best team in the Majors, which has seen a few power problems. They now have 3 sluggers, Vlad Guerrerro, and Torii Hunter, along with Teixiera.This could be the trade that puts the Angels over the top, and help them win the Championship that has eluded them for the past 6 years.

Teixiera was traded last year from the Texas Rangers to the Braves, and this has been viewed as a bad deal because of the players the Braves gave up to get him, and they didn't make the playoffs.

Teixeira is batting .283 with 20 Home Runs and 78 RBIs, with a .512 Slugging Percentage.

Kotchman is batting .287 with 12 Home Runs and 54 RBIs with a .448 Slugging Percentage.

Obviously, the Angels got the best of this deal because what they needed was power and they got it.

Teixeira is expected to go up to Boston and play in Wednesday's game.


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