Monday, July 14, 2008

Did Rick Reilly just say that?

I might have just been hearing things, but I am pretty sure Rick Reilly just told everyone who was watching that he's surprised there are no blacks at the Home Run Derby.

Rick Reilly: "I question the selection ... no disrespect, but we got eight white guys here. This is like a Kiwanis club meeting. Five of the last eight last champions have been Hispanic and we don't have a Hispanic player out here. Five of the top 25 home run hitters active, and none of them are here -- no Griffey, no Howard, no Tejada, no Abreu, no Pujols, no Manny. So I was very surprised ..."

Now what if it was the other way around?

Well, he was not very good tonight. Stick to print, dude, because trying to be funny on TV may actually hurt you more than trying to be funny in the back of a magazine.

Here's the video:


Cannon Fire said...

Now that's what I call on-the-spot journalism. You had this blog entry up about a minute after it aired. Rockin' ...

Chris said...

Reilly is much better in print than on TV. It's tough for writers to make the transition to broadcasting. Good writer though.