Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What You've Been Waiting For

Wutsup everyone,
My name is Zak but you can call me 'The Profit' or simply 'Z.' By now you all will know that I am cocky, arrogant, conceited or any mixture of those words that you like to use. Frankly, I do not care because I like it and don't even mind if you judge me. My partner in crime, the brilliant mastermind behind FYI aka Nick Barnowski will be the opposing force to my crude humor. Let's face it, we all need some leveling out here and there and Mr.B is a very cool, down-to-earth dude. This is a small introductory for right now until Nick finds the time to give you the big picture but in a quick little overview, we are just here to blog. Whether you enjoy the entries or not they will keep flowing like the overpriced Cristal at a Puff Daddy bash.

This blog will be strictly sports and we hope you all enjoy our writing enough to visit our main page and work of art...FYISPORTSFANS.COM (yeah, Da Vinci couldn't even think of that shit.) If you do swing by the page, kudos to you and make sure you sign up for our forum because that is where the magic truly happens (get your head out of the gutter.)

That's all I can grace you with for right now but I plan to make an entry somewhere along the day and Nick will pop his head in whenever he gets back from workin' the corners of NYC. Hey, don't judge him, everyone has to pay the bills somehow and I hear prostituion is in season! Just kidding of course but I really have to go. Thanks for sitting through my horrible ranting, bye.

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