Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just Another Reason To Hate Beantown

First and foremost, I must congratulate the Boston Celtics on their recent NBA championship. Although this years Celtic's team was completely bought and I feel as if their win was nothing special, they won nonetheless. The only good I see in this win is that Paul Pierce has finally received the ring he deserves. This guy has been the heart of the Boston franchise for awhile and deserved to be a champ for at least one year. The same goes for Kevin Garnett considering he carried those horrible T-Wolves for his entire career but that team was completely controlled by the $$$.

I also give credit to the league MVP, Kobe Bryant. Throughout all types of situations and scenarios in the season, Kobe stayed strong and proved that he was the key to that LA squad. No matter who was on the court with Bryant, he would make them shine. A Lakers' win would have been the greatest thing to happen all year in the NBA world because when you look at that team, they were all heart. Kobe didn't even want to be caught dead in a purple and gold uniform this season and look what evolved from that decision.

Although the series panned out the way many expected, the Lakers put up a solid fight and this Celtics win shows some sign of dominance building up within the East. Those All-Star games will probably be MUCH closer from here on out.

P.S. Can we please stop Boston? It's no fun when they are winning all the championships. I see the Patriots weaking up a little bit and the Red Sox are not AS dominant so there is hope for the rest of us teams out there.



Nick Barnowski said...

If bringing in Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen were by trades, how was it controlled by money? Elaborate on that.

Other than that, I expect Boston to overtake Detroit as America's top sports city, but not for long!

The Profit-Z said...

Money IS always involved in trades Nick, don't forget that. Sports are a BUSINESS as a matter of fact.

Nick Barnowski said...

Well, obviously. It's just that you said it was completely controlled by money. They made some great trades and brought in some key role players. It wasn't all about the money.