Friday, June 27, 2008

'Don't BILL-shit Me'

To begin things, if you do not understand my title then extend your ten second attention span and read the rest of this entry. Today, Marshawn Lynch of the Buffalo Bills had his license revoked in court because he hit someone while driving last month and DID NOT REALIZE IT. That is where my title pun comes in, creative, yes I know. According to judge Thomas Gagola, Lynch "constituted a reckless disregard of human life or property." Let me remind you, this was a little past 3 a.m. when Lynch hit a woman in his Porsche Cayenne and simply kept on going.

Lynch claims that it was raining very hard and that the pedestrian was "dancing in the street." Supposedly, he had slowed down to let her cross and kept on going without realizing he had hit her.

The suspension of the license was for an unstated amount of time. Way to go Marshawn, setting a great example for young drivers!


Anonymous said...

You might want to check your facts.

Lynch DIDN'T claim it was raining and that the victim was dancing in the streets.

It WAS raining that night, and many eyewitnesses -- who were out that late in Buffalo's entertainment district -- saw a woman dancing and singing the street.

A woman who wasn't the victim.

The Profit-Z said...

You are right that the woman dancing was not the one hit but he DID claim it was raining. Claiming something can also mean that it is true. Learn up on your grammar.

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