Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Welcome to the Gun Show

Working out is not exactly my field of expertise, but Zak could help you out there. Welcome to the Gun Show is merely a description of the explosiveness feeling you will experience when you visit this internet page.

To tell you the truth, I don't think you can beat that entry he put down there. I mean, you got the insults, a description of his sorry, soon to be college life (god help you all at West Chester), and he said I work the streets of NYC. Now, New York is a couple hundred miles away, but it is easily within reach if necessary. And he definitely is speaking the truth when he says Nick Barnowski is the mastermind behind this site called FYI Sports Fans. Great guy!

You'll find the big stuff here. We like to keep the discussion part over at our forum, conveniently located at the web address

What I mean by big stuff is the articles that I desperately need to get back into. I used to blog. I was in sixth grade. It brought me some good things, like actually knowing what I want to do in life and got me some good connections with some very cool people. I can't speak for Zak, but for me you'll mostly find a mix of opinions and the facts in my writings. And mostly articles about hockey or baseball, my two favorite sports.

At the moment we are working on starting fresh with our main site -, as Zak pointed out in the last entry (try and make a painting of that, Da Vinci!). So to catch up on everything FYI Sports Fans visit our forum which you can find in our navigation bar on the side of this page. Pretty soon we will be adding polls, possibly a podcast, and some live blog events, so stay tuned!

That's it for now. I don't have a cool nickname like "The Profit." And neither of my names start with "Z." So you're stuck with -- Nick Barnowski for now.

-- Nick Barnowski
Executive Administrator
FYI Sports Fans

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