Friday, June 13, 2008

What if the NHL misspelled Lidstrom on a jersey?

Oh wait, they did.

I'm sorry, but this is an issue that I feel needs to be addressed.

Thanks to Melt Your Face Off, we present to you another Gary Bettman and National Hockey League screw up.

Now, I'm not big on names. But can we please get this checked out?

The correct name spelling of 6-time Norris Trophy winner is Nicklas Lidstrom.

What you see on the screen here is Lindstrom. Yes, you use the NHL Award ceremony, one of the unique opportunities the NHL hops on (I mean, how many other sports played on ice have an Official Tire?) to showcase this crap.

Should we also mention that Versus misspelled the name of the Lady Byng trophy? (If you care, they spelled it Lady Bing.)

Maybe I'm overreacting here. It may seem like it. To me this is a blend of embarrassment (you could throw pathetic in there) and at the same time I laugh at their stupidity. I would call it, 60/40. Maybe 65/35.

Just a thought before I leave for the friendly confines of Busch Stadium, where the Cards are currently getting shellacked 20-2 by the Phillies. I can't wait.


Cannon Fire said...

Bravo Nick.
As a student of etymology and the use of language in general, I feel that correct spelling and proper use of vocabulary is rapidly becoming a lost standard.

Even more so regarding a person's name. There's a major public relations adage (from Shakespeare, I think) that "nothing sounds so sweet as the sound of one's own name."

To mispronounce or misspell someone's name means that they are not important enough for you to take the time to learn otherwise.

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