Friday, June 27, 2008

Gone for the weekend

You're stuck with Z-man for the weekend, because I won't have a computer anywhere near me in a camp site, unless they have WiFi. But I doubt it.

Actually, Zak is away makin' it rain or watching that practice (which may or may not be one of his plans to make a profit this summer) for Senior Week. So...this site may be vacant for the weekend, but I'll try and fix that. Maybe another FYI staff member will help us out.

The big story of the day is ESPNs crap program they put out for all of us last night during the NBA draft.

Stuart Scott is, and was, horrible last night with many errors, like, you know, saying Eric Gordon went to Illinois and constantly reminding us that there were in fact many freshman picked in the first round. May we remind you that the NBA has an age limit.

Jeff Van Gundy made sure every Exec. felt good afterwards by assuring that every pick was a great one and it should turn out just fine. He was too nice. Not every pick was great. Ask New York fans (you heard the boos), and there were some other questionable choices (DJ Augustin to Charlotte when Raymond Felton is running the show?)

Jay Bilas was great as usual and was the only one of the talking heads up there that was actually knowledgeable.

I didn't really have a problem with Stephen A. Smith but some of the repeated questions got annoying.

Let's rally for TNT to host the draft instead of ESPN.

I'm not very good when it comes to the NBA so sorry for the lack of writing on this post, just wanted to share my opinion on the whole ordeal.

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