Saturday, June 14, 2008

MLB Finally Sees the Light

Who knows what took them so long but the MLB has finally considered initiating the use of instant replay. The challenges would only occur to clarify whether or not they awarded a homerun in the correct situation but hey, it IS a start. I believe that the MLB probably needs instant replay just as much as the NFL. So, in due time they will probably incorporate it into other aspects of the game such as a close-call at first base, a diving catch that could have hit the grass and other small aspects that could have big effects on the outcome. According to MLB officials the rules of this certain proposal are as follows:

• An umpire supervisor would serve as a replay coordinator, and would communicate with the crew chief.
• The umpires would have access to all video feeds -- television broadcast feeds, home and visiting feeds, and This would allay concerns that a home team television producer would serve as a filter for what replays the umpires can see.
• It is expected that retired umpires eventually will play some role in replay supervision.
• Major League Baseball believes replay would be used only about 10 times each season.

Thought you guys may enjoy this video. Just an example of how baseball players are screwed by the system.


Nick Barnowski said...

Usually I am a baseball traditionalist, but with this type of stuff, reply needs to be enforced by Major League Baseball. Just yesterday there were two questionable calls which may or may not have decided the outcome of the game. All it would take was a quick call to New York, they could check it, and get the correct call.

Hopefully baseball decides to follow through with this.

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